How to become fat | How To Become Fat Naturally

today topic is how to become fat. this is not an easy task to become fatty. in nowadays everyone wants to look good and for good looking fat matters a lot than the topic I choose today is how to become fat. there are many tips that help you to become fat but today I am telling you some of the most important tips that help you a lot. but use this tips in limited condition with a proper guide the misuse of the tips can harm you. then start how to become fat.

 How to become fat

How to become fat

Why We Need to becoming fat…?

In every man/woman, there is the desire to become fatty according to there age. Then to look good and handsome. peoples are much likely. Who has good body weight? Then This is the reason. Why we need to become fat. then now we will talk about. How to become fat..?. Then let,s go for it. Now there are many questions in our mind about become fat. That why we need to be fat..? first of all I am going to clear them all. Lets telling you the tips briefly:-

Why we need fat…?

This is the question which is striking in many of the minds. Then I am going to tell about it. Because a guy who has fat Then his body will look a perfect body and. He looks handsome more than others. I am not talking about belly fat. Body fat makes a man handsome. This is proven already. And if you have belly fat and want to reduce then read this How to lose weight in 7 days. Than now discuss our main topic. How to become fat.

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Eat more and more healthy food that you can eat

  1. Consume more and more protein
  2. Try to take  Fatty and food at least 3 times a day compulsory
  3. Use Light Exercise in evening and morning both time

10 More tips which help you a lot

  1. Never Drink water before eating the meal
  2. Eat more and more meal
  3. Drink to a day ( milk and soft drinks )
  4. Try to drink the weight gainer shakes
  5. Add more calories to your coffee
  6. Eat proteins before eating the vegetables
  7. get enough sleep and quality sleep
  8. never smoke in life
  9. take creatin also
  10. Take time to rest and free time.

Explaining all the points above…Step By Step…

  1. We don,t need to drink water before or after taking food. Because when we eat a fireball (the process of digestion ) will occur to digest the food. But when we drink water then the fire will be Cool and our food will not digest and. Then our body don,t got any benefit from the food.
  2. Eat more food the whole day. I say eat food, not junk food. That will damage your body. Then try to eat healthy food more and more that will increase your body fat.
  3. Drink more and more soft drinks and milk. Milk increase your body efficient. And body fat will increase. The soft drink will work in the same process and increase your fat of body. Not skinny fat.
  4. Weight gainer shakes are costly. But more effective. Weight gainer shakes make your body fat good. And increase weight and fat of your body.
  5. CoffeE also good for how to become fat. Coffee makes the process of digestion fast. And clear your body wastage. Then go for coffee instead of Tea.
  6. Eat something high Proteinate before eating vegetables. Because proteins got Take time to digest. Vegetables got digest easily.
  7. Take quality sleep normal person need 8 hours of quality sleep. Quality sleep means the sleep which has no disturbance. Quality sleep avoids you from stress.
  8. Never smoke & Drink also because of smoke a person weak inside. Then the person never gets fat. And unable to look handsome. And the same drinking also affects the human body badly. Then I suggest you to never smoke in your life and never drink.
  9. Certain is also the main part of the human body to get fat. It affects the human body and provides fat to the body. Then to get fat you need to take certain also.
  10. Try to manage time to enjoy and rest. It will make your body free to expand in his own way. It will be better for humans body to take rest. The metabolism of the human body increase and fat will automatically increase.

Make your body that can consume more and more healthy food that you can eat

Eating is the best way to gain weight because when we eat our system consume the calories. because calories provide energy to our body and then we are able to work. let, stake a simple example if we eat 300 calories per day but in working or playing we used 500 calories then how our body become fat. no way then I suggest you take calories as much as possible to how to become fat. then start eating calories from now to gain weight or fat.

 Try to Take more and more protein ( how to become fat )

proteins also matter a lot. because proteins boost our body and then we are able to grow and help us to gain weight. then proteins help a lot. our body needs every type of minerals and proteins. if we don,t get proper protein then we are unable to show growth in our body. take a simple example if your body needs protein food but your only eating oily food then you don,t get the weight you got something else like diseases. then proteins matter the lot. then take more protein and consume less.

Consume Fatty and food at least 3 times a day compulsory

that means you need to eat food at least 3 times a day with proper diet and proper manner and proper timing that matter a lot. because protein and calories both come from the food after digestion food break in glucose and enzymes make the digestion easy and fast and make your body healthy and fit. with the full of mass gain. if you change your timing and diet with proper manner definitely your weight will be gain. from now go and change your

Use Light Exercise in evening and morning both time

Make a schedule for everything you did and exercise is the important thing to become fat because if you don,t do exercises then you testosterone never be developed. and you never gain weight. if you start exercise with proper schedule then I promised you that you will gain weight definitely. and you can join the gym but do light exercise. not go for heavy because heavy gives you cuts not become fat. then I tell you the tips most important tips on how to become fat

Eat dry fruits for how to become fat

  1. Eat Nuts
  2. Dried fruits are also better
  3. eat whole milk and drink much as you can
  4. use fats and oils
  5. eat grains like oats…etc
  6. Meat and chickens will help you a lot
  7. potatoes and sweet potatoes also help

Then I telling you that if you follow. These step sure one day your weight will be desirable. Eat nuts help us a lot in becoming fat. then dry Fruits are not better. They are best they will help you to gain weight as soon as possible. Drink milk and the eating whole are also good for becoming fat. It will increase your body level.

these are some tips that you 

then I promised you that you will gain weight and become fat. because I m sharing my personal experience with you then go and apply these tips in your life and become fatty and if you want to ask any question then comment below I will help you 100% and be healthy be happy. in nowadays everyone wants to be healthy but not everyone can. follow us we will help you. Everything is going right today. How to become fat. Go and join the gym to gain weight gym can easily increase weight and you can take weight gainer also for gaining weight.